About Me


Hi there,

I'm a visually creative individual, experienced in photography, film, design and media management. I'm also a social media addict, an adventure enthusiast, an environmentalist and an animal advocate.

Alongside this, I'm also a freelance photographer, producing and managing both commercial and personal projects. With my photography work, I aim to evoke emotions, intimacy and empowerment. I aspire to create inspiring, influential and powerful content that would put a meaning to this digital world.


I capture mainly people, sometimes things, and often places. My work is integrated with raw emotions, candid moments, intimate environment, moody tones and filmic aesthetics. I'm a sucker for authenticity, I embrace it in both my life and my work. Genuine emotions, natural light, cosy surroundings, messy windblown hair, quirky in-between takes, spontaneous adventures. If these things get you excited then I think we'd get a long perfectly well.